For All Mankind

 "Two thumbs up, very enthusiastically" -- Siskel & Ebert

**** [four stars] "Remarkable, breathtaking. An extraordinary big-screen event." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"...a wonderful, very impressive film." -- George Lucas

"An unprecedented thrill... allows us to experience a flight to the moon as has never before been possible." -- LA Times

"People will look at this movie hundreds of years from now because it is the definitive film about the Apollo adventure. Al Reinert got the best film we shot, I don't think anybody's going to do it better." -- Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut, fourth man to step on the moon

"...the thrill of discovery combined with something like euphoria... A poetic essay and subjective personal essay on getting out of this world... The movie looks like a billion dollars worth of special effects." - Playboy

"An incredible document of man’s greatest endeavor." -- Christopher Nolan

"For All Mankind's not a documentary, it's an art film." -- Tom Hanks

Apollo 13

"A powerful story, one of the year's best films, told with great clarity and remarkable technical detail, and acted without pumped-up histrionics." -- Roger Ebert

"Major, rousing, thoroughly professional Hollywood entertainment that will dazzle you with its re-creations of historical events, take you inside the space capsule and the Houston command center, and leave you wondering where our heroes [have gone]." -- Gene Siskel

"The film succeeds brilliantly at organizing great gobs of information into powerful drama." -- Joe Morganstern, Wall Street Journal

"From lift-off to splashdown, Apollo 13 gives one hell of a ride." -- Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

An Unreal Dream

“Documentarian Al Reinert effectively emphasizes understatement in “An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story,” recounting an outrageous miscarriage of justice without a trace of manufactured melodrama or visual hyperbole. Indeed, the pic’s rivetingly straightforward style of storytelling is a perfect match for its subject... vividly reported with a subdued simplicity that serves to only increase the pic’s capacity to upset, if not enrage… This fine SXSW Documentary Spotlight audience award-winner makes the nightmare quite real.”  --Variety

"’An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story,’ tells the stunning, infuriating tale of Mr. Morton, a Texas man who was imprisoned for almost 25 years for a crime he didn’t commit, yet came out, apparently at peace with his fate and embracing forgiveness for the incompetent prosecutors who victimized him…  Al Reinert, the film’s writer and director, tells the tale beautifully." -- The New York Times

“Morton’s spirit of ‘letting go’ doesn’t just carry this extraordinary film. It is the living spirit of the film. 'An Unreal Dream' is the quietest movie you’ll ever see about murder and the miscarriage of justice. In an age when films tend to jostle and jolt their audiences, “An Unreal Dream” dwells in a realm of simplicity and understatement. It never raises its voice, never rushes through details. In tone, the film honors the essence of Michael Morton by reflecting the dignity of Michael Morton.” -- Austin American-Statesman